Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 Month old puppy not potty trained?

I have a little girl that we are have a big problem potty training. She won't go in her crate at all, but when she is out that's another story. We put her outside as soon as she is let out of her crate, she goes and then comes in and after that we put her out every 20 min. In the times between trips outside she might pee 2 times on the floor.
I don't know if she is going every time we send her out. We have another older dog too.
What am I doing wrong?
I believe in positive reinforcement. Sounds as though you just don't have the adequate time for a puppy. I would have never attempted puppy training when my kids were that young. It's practically like having another child for a short period. It takes diligence and patience for a short time, but then it is very rewarding.
what kind of dog do you have?
some dog might get it more than other dogs.
just keep her outside until she does and dont let her come back in if she doesnt.
If she pees on the floor then your other dog might too becase of territorial stuff.
You need to go outside with her and make sure she's using the bathroom, as soon as she uses the bathroom outside give her a treat and make her feel like the best dog in the world.
Treat all messes with an enzymatic cleaner like nature's miracle (found at most pet stores) to make sure all traces of the scent is gone. If it smells like the right place to potty to her then she won't think it's wrong. Also at 5 months old she should be able to hold it a little longer than 20 minutes, if she's having accidents between potty trips you may want to take a urine sample to the vet to check for a Urinary Tract Infection. Those can completely derail all the best potty intentions.
make sure that u watch her outside and make sure she goes to the bathroom dont let her if if sh edoesnt go and also praze her when she goes potty outside and remember not to scold her unlessu caught her in the act of going potty on the floor other wise she wont now what she did
First I was wondering how come you don't know whether or not she actually goes when you let her outside. Don't you go out with her so you can be sure? It's also a good idea to go out with her so you can encourage her to go potty, and praise her is she does.
When she pees inside, is it always in the same spots... for example, if she always pees on the rug, you really need to find some urine remover, or throw the rug out. A puppy will pee in a spot that smells like her pee.
Whenever my pup had an accident inside, I'd say NO firmly, and interrupt the ''flow'' by picking him up and placing him outside. He was potty trained by 3months old! All it took was a lot of repitition, a lot of patience, and you have to keep an eye on them at all times!
good luck!
You are not doing anything wrong. Her bladder is still developing. Also, when she is in her crate, she is calm and not running around, so she won't have to go as frequently, but out of the crate, she is probablyup and running and having a grand old time. My suggestion is when you bring her out, watch her and make sure she is going potty.A) If she doesn't go potty, bring her back in and put her in her crate. Try again in about 10-15 minutes. repeat this until she goes potty. B) If she is going potty when she is out, then shorten the times between going out. Try 15 minutes or 10 minutes or even 5 minutes. Watch her, if she is pottying in the house after 5 minutes inside bring her out in 3-4 minute intervals and so on.
Remember puppies take a lot of work and patience. You can get through it. And everyone is different in the time it takes to become housebroken.
I have 5 labs. My two youngest Vinnie and Dante are had two completely different potty training experiences.
VInnie was trained by 4 months. Where as Dante at 9 months old is just now finishing up potty training. He wouldn't tell me when he had to go, I had to watch him very carefully to catch his signs and we are just now starting to hear him speak up, but for the longest time, he would just go. So I had to shorten my intervals and do what I stated above. If you need any more help, just email me :)
Best of luck!
when she goes in the house bonk her on the head and rub her knows in her "accident" and she will become afraid to go in the house and every hour or so bring her were she needs to go and she will and it is not abuse my vet told me to do the same thing
they aren't suppose to go in the crate. thats what crate training is. they won't go at all when your gone if they're in their crate. but once you get home you have to take her outside FAST! they won't pee or poop where they sleep!
when she goes outside let her pee more than once. i let my puppy go about 3 or 4 times before we go back inside and she usually poops once. she still pees on the floor but i really dont know what to do about THAT either.
What breed is she? Smaller dogs are harder to house break than large dogs. Small dogs need less living space than large dogs and have little issue with fouling rooms they don't use often.

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