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Anybody knows A LOT about Golden Retrievers?

I need to know which kind of Golden Retriever is the one that keeps a stylish, young-looking face even until it grows old. Because there is one type of Golden Retriever that has more of falling face, and drools a bit; specially as they grow older. OK, I need to know which type is the first one. It's also normally very light gold colour shade and it doesn't drool as much as the other one. Thanks
HI Hope I can help you and lead you in the right direction.
No matter what look your after they are all Golden's. The colors come in very light golden to a very dark almost reddish Golden. My Guy in my picture is considered a med. colored Golden. I do have a lighter Golden boy here with me also.
Now is seems that your in either the UK, Canada or Australia.
Now the Golden in my picture is a block headed, stocky Golden. He is 24" to the shoulder and is 85 pounds. My other Golden is also a block headed, squared face Golden with a blunt muzzle. He is 24 1/2" to the shoulder and is 90 pounds. Difference between the 2 are that one had a bigger bone structure than the other but their weight and conformation are about the same. These are the look of Golden's I prefer and bred. Now if your looking for the sleeker Goldens than well tthey are out there but I personally don't like the more pointed muzzle and oval heads and longer legs. I feel this type of Golden goes to far away from the breed standard.
As far as show Golens vs sporting Golden's yes their is a difference in their drives but they should not look so different form each other. This where the Good Doctor and I dissagree.
You should take your time and look for the Golden you want and make sure you see the parents. It will be a very good indicator of what the pup will look like when a Adult. Hip, eye, and elbow certifications I feel are a must for the parent's of the pup.
No matter what you want to do with your Golden they are the most wonderful dogs going.
Good luck with your search and I can be of any further help just e-mail me. OK
Thanks Dobiegang for staring this question.
That would be Goldengal on here that you'd want to answer your question. She is not on here right now, but I will star your question, %26 email her %26 I know she will be more than glad to answer your question as soon as she sees it.
Are you talking about a Labrador Retriever? Because there is only one type of Golden Retriever and that is a Golden Retriever. Labs and Golden's are two different breeds. What are you talking about here?
The only difference in Golden Retrievers is the colour - ranging from a very pale creamy colour to a very dark gold colour. The darker colour shows the age more as the hair will turn white with age, just like human hair. If you are concerned about the dog looking it's age then buy a paler dog. A lot of dogs drool more as they age - but for Goldens some will and some won't. I'm wondering if you have confused another type of retriever with the Golden Retriever. They are wonderfully good natured dogs and very faithful companions.
ive got 1 shes very light in colour and she is a golden retriever she is 14weeks old x
Theres just one type of golden retriever except the white golden retreiver. There are many types of retriever and the golden retriever is one of them!
There is only one correct type of Golden Retriever:
If you are interested in buying a Golden Retriever, you need to research breeders who are producing typical, well bred healthy puppies.
What you describe is not a "type" it's just an example of a dog who is not a good example of the breed. Coat colour is only cosmetic %26 any type of Golden Retriever can come in any of the acceptable shades of gold.
There is only one type of Golden Retriever registered with the Kennel club. However, you probably refer to the difference between the working and show types:
- the show type is stocky, broad faced and pale coloured
- the working type is slimmer with darker colouring
You want the show type. You may contact the kennel club and ask for breeders of Golden Retiever that actually show their dogs and you'll have what you need.
There are no different types of golden retreivers! It's simply one breed. The goldie's coat ranges from a very pale cream colour to a dark golden, it's not unusual for a puppies coat to darken as it matures. As for the face, some do have droopier jowles then other but not to the point of extremeity. If your considering this gorgeous breed, then you need to do alot more homework before buying one!

Anybody know about raw diets for dogs? Also, he is about 105 much would he need per day?

My golden retriever has allergies. and I am thinking of trying him on a raw diet. He is sensitive to chicken in kibble form, do you think he would be okay on raw chicken? Or someother type of meat.
Most people start out their dogs with chicken. You can feed smaller bones, like chicken bones, and they will easily be crunched up. In the raw circles, recreational bones like beef bones are known as "wreck" bones, because they can wreck a dog's teeth. I'd start with chicken first, and if the allergy problems continue, you can gradually introduce other meats. You just don't want to do too many meats at once right in the beginning, because it takes some time for dogs to adjust to healthy, un-processed foods. You'll need to feed about 2-3 percent of your dog's body weight in raw meat per day. My best recommendation is to follow a prey-model raw diet, as it's closest to what dogs would eat naturally. I learned a lot from the Raw Food Diet forum. I'd suggest reading through the forums and asking questions there. The dogs and owners are incredibly helpful!
Raw chicken would be entirely different to cooked kibble. He should be fine with this food.
To ensure the health of your dog you need to be feeding him based on a 'prey' model - raw meaty bones, offal and the occasional table scraps. There is no need to buy pre-packaged patties, supplements or a grinder - just find a friendly butcher. Ethnic food stores are a great source of out of the ordinary meats and offal.
My dog eats (on average) 20% meat, 60% meaty bones, 10-15% offal and the rest in table scraps. This is based over a week so it is not as complicated as it sounds. A general guide is to feed 15-20% of body weight per week or 2-3% a day. Your dogs appearence will be the best guide though.
Do your research before you start (this link is full of information) and PLEASE don't be put off by ill-informed scaremongers. Dogs are designed to eat carcasses not kibble! His teeth and gums will benefit as well as your wallet.

Anybody have an idea on how to make shade that is not chewable?

my dog has been put back in his cage
he needs shade
Buy a tarp, and some long stakes and stake the tarp over the crate. Is he in a box crate in the yard? How cruel. If he's in an enclosure, drape the tarp over the enclosure and tie it down with rope. What did your poor dog do to deserve this treatment?
Not chewable shade??
I think you meant something besides "shade".
Try again.
How is your dog chewing shade??
How about a tree?? They have been known to provide good shade.. The house provides good shade...

Anybody ever had a dog that had an abortion?

i dont need any negative responses. just need to know other peoples experiences with this issue. before you go telling me im a bad dog owner and etc. let me just inform you that i took in a stray dog went to get her fixed and shes pregnant. i have mixed feelings on abortions and im having a difficult time with this descion. thank you.
Don't listen to the people saying your dog will get depressed. She won't! She'll be far better off not going through labor at such a young age, and finding homes for puppies in a world way overcrowded by kittens and puppies is very difficult. I work in a veterinarian's office and people dump off unwanted pets all the time that it's next to impossible for us to find homes for, and usually ends in euthanasia. Definitely spay her, it's the responsible, and ethical, thing to do.
if its a stray u should do it because itll be awful hard to find homes
are u keeping the stray?
if so ask the vet how many babies shes gonna have and try to find homes for them in advance if not go ahead and et the abortion
then spay!
Don't do it, wait for the puppy to be born and give it up for adoption. Dogs, like humans, suffer depression, and especially if you take away a puppy from a mother, she will be depressed.
Truth be told, it is likely a good idea that you go through with the procedure, depending on how far along the mom is. Allowing her to give birth to the pups could put her health and life at risk. In addition, having the pups is just going to add to the population of unwanted dogs overrunning shelters. I know it is a difficult decision to make, but it is in the best interests of you, the dog, and ultimately the puppies.
If she isn't very far along, she can be spayed even though she is pregnant. can let her have the puppies. Which is a great deal of work and expense. You will also have to find homes for a litter of mixed puppies. You didn't mention what type of dog she is. Follow your heart, but know there is a great deal of responsibility in taking care of the pups. Good Luck!
Wow... that IS a hard decision. I think that is was wonderful that you took in a stray dog but often times when people are kind enough to take in stray dogs they are thrust into more than they can handle. In my opinion, if you decide not to keep this stray, it will be hard enough to try and find a home for her besides her pups as well. There are hundreds if not thousands of homeless dogs and puppies out there besides the other animals and I think you made the humane decision.
In most cases, I would let the dog have her pups and then spay her after the pups are weaned and find homes for all the babies. If the dog was a small breed and i appears to have been bred by a large dog, I would go ahead and have her spayed now. It will probably save her life. The vet can do xrays to see how big the pups are. I don't like abortion for women or animals but in some cases it is the right thing to do.
I actually did spay a chihuahua just one day after she tied with one of my males. I thought she was past the time to be bred. I was planning to spay her anyway as she had a genetic problem that would have been passed on to any offspring. Of couse I do not know if the tie took. She was in like day 25 of her heat so she should have been safe.
I'm sorry but you are a sick individual if you decide to go through with this. There are lots of people that will take in a newborn puppy!
you shouldnt do it you should wait until the puppys are born and then go leave them at a vet and the vet could find them homes or u could put them in the paper and give them away for free.
Ive had to go through this before I worked for an animal shelter years ago.don't do it, your dog will go through depression, trust me dogs are not stupid, you can find a home for the puppy...
I understand not wanting to have a bunch of puppies, but since she is pregnant, maybe try just raising them and finding them all good homes. Or also contact your local shelter, and see if you could work with them on helping you raise and find them homes.
It鈥檚 a tuff choice. I have never talked to anyone who had their dog get an abortion. But I can say this, it would be a lot of work, but I think if you can handle it, it would be very rewarding to raise these puppies and see them get great homes. It is almost like fostering puppies. They are not yours and it鈥檚 not by your doing that she is pregnant, so they would be guest and you would be doing a service. But it鈥檚 all about the time you have.
It's not ABORTION when you are talking a dog.. It's being responsible and making sure that you aren't adding to the already over populated shelters. Abortion is a people thing.. Not being careful, getting pregnant and then terminating the pregnancy for whatever reason. In dogs it's responsible pet ownership and taking care of your dog...
The timing has to be right for the shot. If you've already done it, they get over it immediately. You did a good thing adopting and I'm sure your intent was to save a life, not 10 at once. If you can afford a bunch of puppies and you think you could keep the ones you don't find homes for, then let her have them. Otherwise you are being responsible, not cruel.
i would say go back to the vet that did the operation, let them know the situation...they will know what to say/do.
First of all, since she's been a stray it's likely her health and nutrition history are not the best. Not only will this make it more difficult for her to carry, whelp and rear the pups it will also have a negative impact on the health of the puppies, predisposing them to problems later in life.
Secondly, unless you are EXTREMELY dilligent in placing the pups and following-up on them for life, it is likely that most will not remain in their first homes past their first birthday. People tend to value mixed breed dogs less and will often aquire them on a whim because they are "cheap". Then they find out that the dog doesn't train itself, sheds, pees on the rug etc and get rid of it. A dog that loses it's home because of behavior issues has a dim future and tends to get bounced around until it ends up being put down or dying of various types of neglect (let loose to be hit by car, not taken to vet when needed etc) or stuck outside in a pen or tied to a doghouse.
I hate the idea of the pups never having a chance, but if you want to raise them then you must be prepared to provide the optimum in care for them while they are with you, to carefully screen all potential adopters, and to follow-up and be willing to take them back at any time during their lives to try to avoid the above fate.
EDIT: In view of her age, I definitely recommend the spay/abortion. Having puppies at her age is like a 13 year old girl having a baby.
I understand your dilemma. If the whole concept of abortion of any kind is what is at the heart of your indecision then I'd consider all the animals put o death every day. I know, we all hear about that. But human babies aren't allowed to be born only to be put to death later because there are simply too many as routine. So just think it over and let your conscience guide you, whatever you decide. GL :)
P.S. I didn't mean one thing I said to be or sound judgmental. You took in a stray (God bless) and on the way to doing the responsible thing you got hit with a surprise. It's not your fault, OK?
Baby on the way, sounds like you're going to have your hands full. Just remember good vet care for the mom ands puppies is expensive. Plus if something were to go wrong you're talking thousands of dollars. And to be honest, she's kind of young to have puppies. What did the vet advise?
I was in your shoes once. A cat that I had rescued was very very thin and we took her to the vet as we always do with rescues to get spayed. Turned out she was pregnant. There was no way she would have been able to take care of those kittens on her oown as thin as she was and she more than likely would have had complications so I decided for her health to have her spayed anyways, resulting in an abortion. If your dog is thin or you dont think she could take care of them on her own or their might be complications I would go through with it. It will be cheaper and better for the both of you in the long run. Mixed breed puppies are hard to rehome, there are already enough dogs out there and you have no clue what these dogs will look like and what sort of personalities they will have. I think getting her spayed would be the best option for the both of you, it turned out to be for my rescue cat.
You are not a sick individual for considering this. You seem to be trying to make an educated, responsible, humane decision. If she is not very far along and the vet will agree, it would be a good idea to abort and spay. If she's further along, talk it over with the vet. You don't know the dog's history, and pregnancy, birth, and raising puppies is really hard on her as a mother. And they'll just be that many more mixed babies in an already overpopulated world. At the same time, a late abortion would have more effects on the mother's hormones and could cause the earlier mentioned depressions, etc. But she will recover. As for the person who mentioned plenty of people being willing to take in newborn puppies, let's consider the fact that you're not trying to home newborns. You'd be stuck taking care of the mother and the puppies for 6 weeks before you could home them, and that's if you could find homes for all of them.
Realistically, as hard as it may be, you're better off going ahead with the surgery. And she'll be better off in the long run.
I had got a female dog from the shelter.. she was intact. She had already had a litter of pups before, according to the shelter workers. She came into heat shortly after we got her.. we did our best to keep her confined.. but she got out the door, and the roaving neighbor dog got to her.
I made an appt to get her spayed.. its prefered to wait until after a heat is over, but I did not want to deal with puppies. I dont know if she was pregnant or not, I never asked.. its pretty safe to assume she was!
A spay that terminates a pregnancy is often easier on the dog than to go thru labor and whelping. If she's a small dog, she may require a cecarian to give birth (can cost $1000 and up!). You should talk to the vet and see if she is too far along to terminate the pregnancy.
I know its hard to make the decision.. but consider this. There are so many dogs dieing in shelters every day from lack of homes. For each of these puppies born that you find homes for.. thats a home that could have taken home a shelter dog.
If you do not have the time or energy to care for puppies, that is something else to consider. What if mom gets sick and can no longer care for the pups.. or what if she rejects them? Newborn pups are alot of work.. they need fed every 2 hours, even at nite.. and they need to be kept clean and warm.
you are great for taking her in, but many people dothis and it can be overwelling. Talk to a vet abut the best option. Also if you intend on letting her have the pups talk to a local no kill shelter or rescue about finding the puppies a good home.
I commend you for caring so much about this poor little stray dog.
Please consider having her spayed ... yes, it will cause the death of the fetal pups .. but she herself is just a pup. Please consider the fact that right now those fetuses are taking nutrition from a stray who probably was already nutritionally compromised. This can have effects both on her health (as she loses calcium to the pups now and while nursing) and on the pups health (as well as their mental development going on while she has been nutritionally compromised).
Yes, there are people who will give you grief about this, but you yourself have admitted that you are not up to raising pups... and the other option is to give up this poor little stray while she is already undergoing a LOT.
I have spayed pregnant rescued dogs. The dogs do not think in terms of having lost puppies. They are fine and able to recover from having been strays MUCH much faster.
Please, have her spayed now.
Bless you for loving her.
I know someone who has a Ch. showdog, a dog jumped, (actually climbed it - 6ft.), their fence and got to her, she was under two years old,(immature) they took her in and had surgery to remove the pups.
It was very hard to find a vet to do this, it also cost a couple thousand dollars, a spay would have a been under 300..
I think in that case it was the responsible thing to do, she has had pups, now after getting her OFA's checked, with no problems.

Anybody else ever experienced this?

I had locked my keys into my truck this morning and neede to get into my truck so i could go to work, i didnt want to call a tow truck company because it can be very costly when you do that, and i knew the police department in the area i lived will send a patrollman out to get into vehicle as soon as they are able to do so, so i called the police non emergency number for the oakland county sheriffs office for assistance, well i did not like how the dispacther was rude with me about how i called the wrong department i didnt know what the non emergancy number for the local department was so thats why i called the county sheriffs office well when the lady told me that i needed to contact the local police i asked her if she could possibly call them for me or give me their number, and she stated in a very rude and obnoxious tone, im not going to call them for that, all she had to say was, i can give you the number, i just wondered if any one else ever experienced a rude dispatcher.
I had that happen once and had a really rude dispatcher too. I had locked my keys in my car at Super Walmart. There I was sitting on the swing sets outside the store with a cart full of groceries calling the police department.
In my home town, the cops were ok doing it, you just had to sign a release that they weren't responsible for damage inside the car door. Apparently in the city I was in (going to college), it wasn't their job. The dispatcher said they did not provide that service. I asked who did. She said an unlocking company. I asked if she could give me the names/numbers of a few. She rudely explained she couldn't, it was privatization of the government by making a referral! I was then in tears and just said thank you, goodbye, and I hung up.
The phonebook was torn out of the kiosk in Walmart so I couldn't find a unlocking service phone number. When I finally got a hold of one of my friends, she gave me a number and it was going to cost like $45 so I told my friend to come pick me up and we actually broke in my apartment to get my spare key. It's pretty scary knowing you can break into your own apartment.
Of course! Just because she was a dispatcher doesn't mean that she is going to be nice. She probably felt that you were wasting the Police Department's time because them unlocking your doors is really not their job, but then again either is eating donuts. There are a lot of rude people these days, don't let it bother you.

Any websites about responsibility of owning a dog?

Do you have any websites that ask and tell you about the responsibilities of owning a dog(for kids/teens)? Not just stuff that you have to read, but questions you have to answer. In a previous question, someone told me a great website that asked questions like "name 3 times you have been gentle with a dog/puppy in the past month." and "How much time a day do you think you will need to spend with you dog?"
Questions like that. Thanks!
I just googled "dogs and responsibility" and a whole list came up! Here are a few that I liked: (has an article about dog's everyday needs if you scroll down)
(may be the best link, if you're using the dog to teach responsiblity, it has age ranges and what a child in that age range should be able to do for the dog)
Just google the words and I swear you'll come up with hundreds of websites (I know I did)
you can also go to this link (below) and there you'll find all sorts of easy to understand, great for beginners information on dog's diet, training, exercise, introducing a new dog to the whole family, etc...
good luck!
there is a great book called "The complete Dog book for kids"
also AKC website and local or state SPCA's should have good info
I know of two good ones. and
here are some search results

Any vets or anyone know about dog rectums?

I was wondering do you know something about dogs with a rectum is lower than its suppose to be? How much would a surgery cost for fix something like that?
Is it genetic or is she overweight? Not sure what the problem is but any rectal surgery is risky at best. Post op complications could be incontinence.
So how you do know for a fact that the dog's rectum is lower than it's "supposed" to be??? If the dog isn't having any trouble taking a crap, then who cares what position his rectum is in? If it aint broke...don't fix it.
Are you serious? You are asking about re-routing your dog's rectum? That's kind of like asking to re-route his ear canal so that his ear can reside in the middle of his forehead... lol
Trust me, I have never heard of such a thing, but I can assure you that it would cost multiple thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars, that is, if you can even find someone to do it. Your average vet probably wouldn't even attempt it, unless he was unscrupulous and just wanted to take your money, regardless of the outcome of the surgery. You would have to find some kind of doggie rectum specialist.
Just leave it be. He/she will learn to live with it, and you should be able to do so too.