Friday, July 31, 2009

After spay !??

1. how can i make my dog stop running all over the house
2. i KNOW for a fact dogs gain weight after spay
will she remain the same if
1. i feed good quality food [wellness]
2. feed 1/2 of whats recommended on the back of the bag because my dad insists on feeding her a little bit of boiled chicken or turkey eveyday [his dad was a vet]
3. have 3 walks a day [30-45 min each]
Hi there! So your girl had her big day :) I wish her a quick recovery!! They tend to bounce back very fast, so it is quite difficult to keep them quiet for 7-10 days after the surgery. Here are my recommendations:
1) I always recommend that people crate their little ones after the spay. The crate will act as a safe, quiet place where she can rest and is forced to relax. I had two VERY active pups spayed the same day at my work and I kept both in their crates for most of the day for a week after surgery. Obviously, I would let them out to stretch their little limbs, eat, and go outside. Get her a yummy Kong, Nylabones, or Natural Bones to keep her busy. Ice cubes are also a favorite. I know it will be hard for you to keep her in the crate, but know it is only temporary and it is in her best interest. You would hate for her to tear those stitches!! That means more anesthesia and a longer recovery along with more pain meds and an antibiotic.
Leash walk ONLY! Even if you have a fenced-in backyard. You want to keep a very close eye on her. Do not allow her to jump up on you, furniture, etc. That can easily stretch and break those stitiches.
No walks over 7-10 minutes (I would wait atleast 3 days after her spay to start walks). If you do decide to walk her, walk slowely and look at her for clues when enough is enough. You don't want to push her. Plus, the incision will be sore.
2) Yes, dogs do gain a little weight after a spay/neuter, but it is very mininal... we are talking on average 1-5 pounds at MOST. I would not stress over the weight gain at all. Just exercise her moderately, feed her a high quality food, and love her to pieces. Neither of my girls gained more than 2 pounds post-spay.
Wellness is a good food. I also recommend Canidae, Innova, and Timberwolf Organics. All are a great choice.
With the high quality food, it is not necessary to "add" anything on top of the actual kibble. If you dad insists on adding something... about a tablespoon a day of plain yogurt is excellent for girls to eat after spaying. Especially, because on the side-effects of spaying is a possible UTI.
Three walks? Wow! Good for you!! I wish I had the time :) I walk my dogs a good 30 minutes each morning and again for 45 minutes at night. With these big breeds you have to walk 'em while it is cool out!!
Good luck!! Your bundle will be just fine!
1. To stop the running, you need to increase the training and exercise. Walk or run her 30 min. (once or twice a day). Spaying will not change energy level. So your walks should help this also.
2. Feed the equivalent of the low range recommended on the dog food package. Normally, 3 cups of dog food is about 1400 calories, which is enough for a sedentary person !
It is better to keep your dog on the lean (not skinny) side, because she will live longer, so 50% less food sounds OK.
1. Do you want your dog to lay around all day? What do you mean 'stop running all over the house'?
2. Feed your dog what is recommended by your vet. Don't give her 1/2. A little bit of boiled chicken is not going to make up for the calories and nutrients in a good quality dog food. Also, depending on her breed, she may not require that much walking everyday.
1. Did she do this before the spay? Spaying does NOT make your dog's energy levels go up. If she was not running around the house before spaying, just give her some more exercise.
2. NO, dogs do NOT gain weight after a spay. I am just telling you this and you don't have to believe me but they do NOT! If your breeder told you that, that breeder is NOT reputable. If your vet told you that, even worse, I would switch vets NOW.
1. good that you feed her high quality food
2. do not feed her 1/2 the amount. dog food has things tha boiled chicken and turkey don't have. If you do feed her turkey and chicken, lower the amounts or SLIGHTLY lower the amount of dog food, not by 1/2!
4.I take it that your dog is a high exercise dog? That's good that you are exercising her a lot, she will overally be more healthy.

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